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Topographical Surveys | Daydon Griffiths & Surry

Topographical Surveys


Topographical Surveys

DG&S provide topographical surveys to identify and map the features of a site including natural features such as mountains and rivers and constructed features such as roads and railways.Existing features on the land slightly above or below, such as tree position and heights, accurate boundary locations, buildings, drainage, streets, kerbs, footpaths, manholes, utility points, retaining walls, etc.

Project Delivery

We produce topographical survey in accordance to the Ordnance Survey National Grid or a local Datum through the use of standard topography surveying techniques using modern technology including GPS data and total stations. The topographical survey can be both drawn and digital and can be delivered in a variety of formats to either the client’s or RICS specification, as requested. We have highly experienced land surveyors who have vast amount of knowledge in this area and can deliver an accurate project within pre-agreed time frames.
Topo Example 1
Example topographical drawing from a recent project