About Us

Our Company

Daydon Griffiths and Surry are an independent surveying company based in London and a member of The Survey Association, UK. Our core business is Existing Measured Building Surveys (Plans, Sections and Elevations) and Topographical Surveys however we also specialise in other areas linked to all areas of geomatics.

We have always used previous experience to an advantage without the imposition of limits on the type or size of contract to be completed. That statement remained unchanged since the first day in September 1978; it remains just as relevant today, well over 35 years later.

What We Offer

We offer fast, accurate and reliable, cost-effective survey work and no-fuss service to our client’s specification.


Our survey teams have a wealth of knowledge and experience and are all suitably qualified so that all clients are assured of the quality and service they will receive. Understanding our clients’ survey needs is important to our staff to make sure they receive the service they expect. By doing this we can make sure the client is getting the survey they require, on time and within the budget agreed before work commences.


We specialise in carrying out our survey works in occupied offices, hotels and residential spaces without affecting the day to day running of these areas. Over the years this has been what distinguished us from other companies operating in our sector, and ensures our long running relationships with our clients.

We are proud of the quality and presentation of our survey work and our relationships with our customers, and we will be happy to provide examples and references to potential clients.

Our History

Daydon Griffiths and Surry started life in 1978 with people who had a wide range of experience in all aspects of the construction industry in several countries in Europe and beyond.

The practice was characterised by authority and skills gained by participants who, following occasional fruitful collaboration found greater advantage in pooling their resources in order to offer a complete range of individual services related to the building industry. Those individuals; Frank Surry, Daydon Griffiths and Designer Christine Wootton laid the original platform for the practice to grow.

The practice had from the early days in Chiswick, W4, a considerable familiarity in the construction of buildings, their refurbishment and their redecoration, spanning many years. Every project was considered unique and was tackled utilizing the experience of other previous commissions.

As the ‘80s arrived more and more companies understood how we worked to offer cost-effective services anywhere in the UK and Europe, and we endeavoured to assist those who appreciate results. We offered a fast, reliable and no-fuss service – anywhere in the UK, and we still do.

Over the past few years the next generation has evolved the company and the current management team continue to steer the company in its own way, to confidently achieve new objectives and add different qualities, which will reflect his view of the position of the company in the current commercial environment.