Lease Plans

Lease Plans

Lease plans are used to identify a leasehold demise within a property. They clearly define the leasehold demise within a site representing exactly what area of land is included in the lease. This is service used with commercial and leisure property in conjunction with the legal profession for Land Registration, Lease Plans, Gaming and Liquor Licensing.


Lease Plans can either be produced in full by DG&S or can be produced from a set of existing as-built drawings if these are made available. We identify the extent of the leasehold building using the existing survey plan or drawings and highlighting / referencing it on the OS map with hatched area present at the scale of 1:1250 or as per client request.

DG&S has been regularly providing lease plans and other property title plans to both commercial property clients and the legal profession for Land Registration, Lease Plans, Gaming, and Licensing purposes.

An example lease plan from a recent project