Measured Building Surveys

Building Surveys

By using traditional and modern surveying technologies, our measured building surveys offer you an accurate plan of a building showing all the appropriate structural elements and architectural details for any architectural design and planning application.

A measured building survey is an essential element to get an accurate representation of the building and this can be backed up with elevations and sections presented as scaled survey drawings.

Our Deliverables

Floor Plans
A floor plan is the most fundamental part of measured building survey; it is a view from above showing the arrangement of spaces in building in the same way as a map, but showing the arrangement at a particular level of a building. DGS produces highly detailed floor plans with an accurate representation of the existing state of the building. These floor plans can be an independent survey or can be part of a connected survey using fully established controlled survey stations which provide accurate measurement and levels of each floor for more precise survey data.
An example floor plan from a recent project
An example floor plan from a recent project
Roof Plans
DG&S produces roof plans as an independent drawing or as a part of connected building survey by using a combination of traditional approaches and total stations. This enables us to measure more complex roof details such as, inaccessible areas and chimneys, with highest possible accuracy whilst using completely safe practices.
Site Plans
Site plans show the whole context of a building or group of buildings within a site. It shows the property boundaries and means to access to site, and nearby relevant structures.
Elevation drawings give you the architectural features of one side of a building or a flat representation of one facade which delivers an accurate internal or external elevation view of a building.
A section line is a representation of a vertical plane cut through the building which shows the architectural structure information along the cut line such as slab levels, door heights, window head & cill heights, ceiling heights, etc. The position of the section line is determined by the client but in general Longitudinal and Latitudinal line are used to give the most information.